Chairman: Jeroen van der Burgt Jeroen is the most sportsmanlike of the whole committee. But the last year he didn’t sport that much, resulting in (hyper) activity. On days he doesn’t train he is very happy and has a lot of energy. He decided to spend this energy on organizing a study tour for Thor. As chairman his task is to lead the rest of the committee which you will read more about below. And if all goes well all rests to say: China, make your breast but wet!

Secretary: Erik van Kempen When Erik was born, he had just two goals in life: being the most powerful man at the EE department, but more importantly, he wanted to visit China. This first goal was easy to accomplish. So besides being the most powerful guy at the department of Electrical Engineering, Erik will manage every communication channel of the committee as the secretary.

As Confucius already told many centuries ago "wheresoever you go, go with all your heart".

Treasurer: Robbert van der Linden Robbert likes to travel. After exploring the most of Europe Robbert wanted to go further to the east. And how much further can you get then going to China? Therefore he decided to help 26 students getting to know this culture. As treasurer he gets to spend all the money the rest of the committee worked so hard for.

See you in business class!


Harm Gijselhart Harm is an adventurous person, he likes to be in the outdoor. At the moment he spends all his time managing the bar of the study association. To have some distraction from all the time he spends between the liquor, he decided to join the study tour committee and help organizing a super trip. He looks forward to travel the world with a group fellow students and learn about the (business) culture around the world.

Arno Haverkamp Arno likes his study, but likes vacation, organizing and drink beer even more. Therefore it was an easy step for him to join the committee to organize a study trip to a country where he certainly wants to go on vacation and meanwhile the organization drink a refreshing Chinese beer to make the progress more smoothly.



Twan Kamp Within Thor, Twan is mostly known for his board function as Vice President and External Relations officer. In the studytour committee he will use the businesscontacts gained by this function to manage interesting excursions in China. Apart from that, he will also make sure the logistics are taken care of, as we don’t want to end up at the top of the Mount Everest with the nearest pub 8 kilometers beneath us. And last but not least he will of course help out with the funding to make sure the committee can live up to his personal motto: "Money is not an issue!".

Anton de Koning As the tallest person at the university, every student in Eindhoven must have seen him at least once. But Anton can never stand out enough, that's why he wanted to visit China. Because if there is one place where tall people stand out, it is China! To make that tour of fame possible, he joined the committee. Anton's main task within the committee is to take care of all publications.

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