By Anton de Koning, Saturday 14 January 2009

Last Tuesday there was a presentation to inform participants about the trip. The presentation can be downloaded here.

By Anton de Koning, Saturday 3 January 2009

It is only 7 weeks now before we leave. In the meantime there are some activities organized in preparation for the trip.

Chinese course: Monday January 26th and Monday February 2nd there will be a short Chinese course to prepare for the trip. The course will among other things be about the language, culture and habitats. The course will take place in Auditorium 12 and will start at 19.30.

Final presentation Cases: To complete the case studies, there will be a final presentation. These presentations will take place February 9th in the "Zwarte doos" at 13.30. After the presentation there will be a drink.

By Anton de Koning, Sunday 10 October 2008

All drawed participators have now signed the contract. This means that the final list of participators is complete. All participators will have to do their first payment before October 8. These are the instructions for payment:
Complete payment at once
case participant
€1500CHINA - ALL_CASE - <FIRST_NAME>October 8th 2008
Complete payment at once
case bought out
€2300CHINA - ALL_NOCASE - <FIRST_NAME>October 8th 2008
Payment in parts - 1st€250CHINA - 1ST - <FIRST_NAME>October 8th 2008
Payment in parts - 2nd€500CHINA - 2ND - <FIRST_NAME>November 1st 2008
Payment in parts - 3rd
case participant
€750CHINA - 3RD_CASE - <FIRST_NAME>January 1st 2009
Payment in parts - 3rd
case bought out
€1550CHINA - 3RD_NOCASE - <FIRST_NAME>January 1st 2009

Transfer the amount, using the defined description, to:

By Anton de Koning, Monday 01 September 2008

After a long period of silence on this web page, finally the moment is there. Subscription is now open for the study tour! To subscribe fill in the form at Thor, PT 2.33. September 17: Subscription Closed

Silence on our webpage did not mean silence in de study tour room. Meanwhile several sponsors have been found and negotiations with travel agencies have taken place. Therefore we can now offer this study tour for €1200. An additional 80 hour study case is required. This price may lower as conversations with new sponsors still take place.

If you want more information about the tour, pricing or case studies you can look at this website, get an information brochure at the Thor office of visit our informational meeting, Monday September 8th.

By Robbert van der Linden, Sunday 03 February 2008

From the 21st of February 2009 until the 14th of March 2009 28 students from the electrical engineering department will go to China to come in contact with the Chinese technology and culture. The main part of the tour will take place in the cities Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. These regions clearly show how China went through an enormous development, became a world power and is still growing in many fields.

This study trip is being organized by e.t.s.v. Thor in cooperation with IEEE SBE. With this trip we want to give students the opportunity to develop themselves and gain international experience. To achieve this, the students will visit educational institutions and companies. They will also come into contact with the Chinese culture. In this way they will get to know the specific qualities of this culture and learn how these values make their way to the Chinese way of doing business. These are very useful skills for students that want to become an electrical engineer.

This website will contain information for interested students or employees, the participants and companies who want to come in contact with the trip. It will be the starting point for our Close-up ON The Asian Culture & Technology !

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